Scream Truck, the world's first on-demand, experiential food trucks launched in Sep, 2020. Since then, we've grown to 70,000 registered households, $6 million in lifetime revenue, and over one million items served!

We are so excited to be crowdfunding on Wefunder to allow our customers and fun-loving communities to be a part of our company growth. Investment Perks available to all investors who invest over $250!

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding makes it possible for anyone to invest in a startup in exchange for equity (unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo where you're simply pledging money to receive a product or perk).

When you invest, you'll get exclusive investor updates and opportunities to contribute to a company you love.




We started with ice cream because it's a mass appeal treat that is universally loved. Ice cream trucks were also the very first food trucks to exist (invented over 100 years ago). So that's where we saw the first opportunity to create a new, tech forward version of an old fashioned food truck.

But imagine the same experiential delivery concept with other premium, popular food and food truck brands. From piping hot pizza to the best tacos you've ever tasted, local wines and craft beer to winter soups served with warm, crusty bread... the possibilities are endless.



In just over three years, Scream Truck has over 70,000 registered households (189,000 customers) across 50 New Jersey towns. The kicker? We've spent $0 on advertising or marketing. Read our Google Reviews and you'll definitely understand why! 🥳


Lifetime gross revenue of just under $6MM (218% CAGR) with $3MM in 2023 alone, and a projection of over $5MM in 2024. Profitable from day 1 on the truck/hub level, and we will break even on the company level by early 2025.


Our long-term vision is built around
our proprietary software platform powering multiple food and food/beverage truck concepts. We also see opportunity in the fast growing DTC market, and experiential marketing space.


Scream Truck's mission is to spread joy and happiness. To that end, we are launching our podcast 'Let's Start with Ice Cream' in May, 2024, focused on mental health and happiness. It will be hosted by radio icon Elvis Duran!


Scream Truck's leadership team works hard to develop our team members, mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs, and promote from within. We believe in treating everyone with the utmost respect and dignity.


The beauty of a startup is not always knowing the way forward. We push ourselves on a daily basis to find new opportunities and stay hyper alert to what our customers want. The possibilities are truly endless.


Elvis Duran

National Radio Personality

"I've been a friend and fan of Eric Murphy for a long time and could not wait for an opportunity to invest in Scream Truck. Everything about it is just brilliant. This is a whole new concept and experience that's going to re-define food trucks and food delivery."

Taryn Fixel

Board Member

"So proud to have been an early investor in Scream Truck. What they've accomplished in just a few years is astonishing. Their attention to detail will make this company a huge winner, and I cannot wait to see Scream Trucks on the west coast!"

Matt Weiss

Founder/CEO, Rind Snacks

"The right team can make or break a company, and the Scream Truck team is phenomenal. They all have very different backgrounds that together create the perfect mix of endless creativity, fine tuned business acumen, and operational excellence. Can't wait to watch this company soar!"



  • Why are you raising money?

    Great question! 😄 The fun and frictionless experience we create is the result of the hours and hours of work we've spent managing some pretty complex logistics. As we continue to grow, we will need to continue to invest in all of the tools we use to manage and optimize efficiencies. That includes hiring additional team members and improving software to manage key areas of the business to ensure our expansion roadmap is smooth!

    Currently, 2 hubs, 15 trucks, 75 employees, marketing/branding, product management, software development, franchise development, finance, and operations are managed by 3 people. 🤯 In addition to people and software, we need additional capital for trucks, equipment, and general working capital.

  • Have you raised money before?

    We have! To date, Scream Truck has raised just over $5 million dollars from some awesome investors including Elvis Duran, Centre Street Partners, Ron Baron (Baron Funds), Village Supermarkets, Liminal Ventures, family offices, and several local angel investors. While $5 million may seem like a lot, keep in mind each of our trucks costs around $275,000 and we've spent around $1 million on software development. Additionally, we've spent money on truck R&D, corporate staff, admin support, healthcare costs, and converting our trucks to clean battery power (versus dirty diesel gas generators).

  • What kind of ROI can I make?

    This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many factors that will determine the long-term and financial success of Scream Truck, and there are different comps for different businesses. Our goal is to grow the business to a minimum of five hundred Scream Trucks across the U.S. and possibly Canada. Additionally, we will be licensing our software and operational playbook to other food concepts, food trucks, and DTC brands.

    Your investment is buying shares in Scream Truck, the same way you can buy stock in a publicly traded company. Our shares today are worth $1.64, but we are a private company. That share price will rise as the company grows. But also, like a publicly traded stock, there is no guarantee of appreciation.

    Because our business is driven by software, we believe we can sell the company in 7-10 years for 10-15x EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization). However, there is no guarantee this will materialize.